Volleyball drills are specialized exercises that enhance teams and players volleyball skills.[1] There are numerous volleyball drills that teams and players can utilize in order to improve and further develop their skills in all areas of the game such as passing, serving, attacking, setting, blocking, and digging. From beginners to well-seasoned players, drills can help all players gain repetitions in various skills and positions; the more repetitions, the better a player can become.

“Around the World” is a serving drill, and its purpose is for players to practice serving to the six different zones on the court.[2][3] Being able to serve and target any area on the court is a valuable skill to have, especially when playing an opponent.

Rules of “Around the World”[edit]
  1. Split the volleyball team in half into two teams, half of the team goes to one side of the court, and the other half goes to the opposite side of the court.
  2. Each team will then designate one person to sit in zone 1 on the side of the court they will be serving the ball to.
  3. The teams will then serve to zone 1 on the court in order for their teammate sitting in zone 1 to catch the ball.
  4. Once the teammate that is sitting on the court has caught the volleyball, they will run to the other side of the court where the team is, and a different teammate will run to the other side of the court and sit in zone 2.
  5. Repeat the steps above until the teammate sitting in zone 2 has caught the ball. Continue these steps through zone 6 on the court.
  6. The first team to serve all six zones on the court and have their teammates catch the ball in those areas wins the drill.